Energy Efficient
Components are the key

GreenSense or GreenSense Plus accredited products take advantage of the innovation in component technology that has been driven by an increase in energy prices.

GreenSense approved refrigeration products incorporate at least two of the energy and lifetime cost saving components below.

GreenSense Plus approved refrigeration products incorporate at least four of the energy and lifetime cost saving components below.


LED Lighting

Efficient LED Lighting

An LED light gives high levels of brightness and is typically designed to last at least five years compared to old-style light tubes which may last only 18 months.

Other advantages are:-

  • Low voltage and current requirements.
  • Low radiated heat which means less work for the refrigeration – so additional savings.
  • High durability – resistant to shock and vibration.
  • No UV ray transmission.
  • Can easily be programmed and controlled.

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Natural Refrigerants

Energy Efficient Natural Refrigerant Diagram

Natural refrigerants such as R600a have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) value of three. The most commonly used alternative, R134a by comparison has a value of 1300. Many research reports suggest that natural refrigerants can give a saving in electricity of 15% (source: Calor UK) but this depends upon the application and environment.

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Energy Saving EC Fans

Eco Energy Efficient EC Fans

EC Fans use up to 70% less electricity and also produce less heat – so less work for the refrigeration. They also run more quietly and have a much longer lifetime. Typically they will last over 50,000 hours compared with 30,000 hours for a standard type fan.

Savings are achieved through the following:-

  • The elimination of secondary windings and resultant losses.
  • Cool running motors that reduce the demand on refrigeration and cooling systems.
  • Halving the speed of the motor reduces its power input by a factor of 8.

The integrated electronics of EC technology optimise the benefits by:-

  • Ensuring motor efficiency is virtually constant at any speed.
  • Providing simple open or closed loop speed control by simply connecting a sensor.
  • Precise control of fan speed against system demand.
  • Master/Slave operation of multiple fans with programmable parameters.
  • Direct connection to BUS Networks and BMS Systems.

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Low E Glass

Energy Efficient Low e Glass

Regular compared to energy efficient Low e GlassLow Emissivity (Low E) is the quality of a surface to reflect and emit radiant energy and its value is based on comparison to a blackbody. Low E glass has a coating that reflects heat away from the door. The insulating effect of triple glazing is achieved even though it is only double glazed. Argon, an inert gas, can be introduced between the two panes of glass to add further insulation in high humidity environments which means less condensation on the glass door.

Extra High Efficiency Compressor

Energy Efficient Compressor

A High Efficiency Compressor can show an improvement of the co-efficient of performance (energy input compared to cooling effect) of between 12%-25% in comparison with a standard range version at all levels of cooling capacity.

Staycold and Rhino products use high efficiency compressors from a variety of quality international companies.

Electronic Eco Controllers

Eco Controller

The principle is that energy can be saved by allowing the internal air temperatures to rise during periods when the premises are closed for service. Some controllers require the Eco mode to be activated by the user pressing the Eco button at close of service. Other controllers may automatically go into Eco mode by sensing inactivity after a set number of hours. More sophisticated versions can also slow down or manage the fan speeds. If the fan speed of an energy saving fan is reduced say by 50% then the resultant energy saved is 70%.
Elstat, Danfoss and Carel are the major manufacturers of such Eco controllers.