Energy costs are rising

“The average dual fuel bill could rise by 30-50% in the next year”says Deutsche Bank

The need to focus on equipment running costs has never been greater.

Staycold and Rhino GreenSense Plus and GreenSense products are your refrigeration solution

Why choose Greensense?

GreenSense is the new accreditation developed for Staycold and Rhino products that incorporate energy saving technology. Choosing a GreenSense accredited product is your route to energy savings of as much as 56% which means that being environmentally conscious is also good for the cost conscious.

There is often a perception that you cannot be both at the same time. GreenSense approved products break this perception though the use of energy efficient components to ensure that you save energy, lower lifetime costs and reduce environmental impact.

For example, an energy efficient fan will use 70% less electricity but is also rated to last nearly twice as long. The savings you make rapidly offset any extra costs of the product.